A logo that blends text and graphics

A logo that blends text and graphics

Before using creative methods for ink logo design, let's take a look at the following three logos

How about the three logos above? Doesn't it look good? Although not very creative, at least it has some expressive power. You can hardly see how these | ogos were born in other people's homes, but today everyone (as well as Ge Ge, Gong Gong, Ma Ma) has opened up their eyes. Now let's start revealing the design process of the above three | 0go's, first read and then chat!

There are many ways to design a logo, and Xiaopenyou can write any word as a logo. Yes, this is the title from my daughter's diary, it's ugly, isn't it, but isn't it a usable log0 element? This | logo must be non creative, right? Because I only played the role of a 'repairman'

Finding an English font in the font library, even if it doesn't change at all, can still become a logo. This is definitely not creative, right? Many customers will also think that this design is worthless because you haven't done anything without a designer!


A random image on Baidu can also become a symbol with a simple process. Oh my god, the work that this beautiful image and show can do is definitely not related to creativity.

 Have you received the three wonderful cases above,

 Let's explore what is the creativity of a logo.

一、What is the creativity of a logo

  Do logo designs require creativity? Everyone thinks the answer must be 'yes', and this concept is basically a consensus among all planners. Actually, it's not necessarily like this. It depends on how we define the word "creativity". In the first three cases of the article, you will see that from the perspective of design results, sometimes logo design really doesn't need "creativity", and everything doesn't need to look good

Firstly, I emphasize a concept called 'creativity'. I believe that creativity has two different dimensions, one of which refers to the thinking process of design work. That is, the process of thinking in your brain from the first glance at information after receiving a case to all design operations after delivering customer documents can be called the creative process. There is another dimension to creativity, It's about how to make my design results reflect profound meaning, and how to make my design more interesting This profound meaning must also be composed of graphics, and this profound meaning is the visual expression of enterprise information, uniqueness, culture, and story. This expression must not be simple addition, just draw a few things if you have a few meanings, but have the concept of element fusion, which can see multiple meanings, and the overall elements are not verbose (of course, a super multi-element classic logo like Unilever is also a form)


Generally, we refer to 1logo as a creative logo that can "integrate more enterprise information", which is a summary of the design results

The following cases, which are also arranged and combined with different numbers of circles, feel that the "three ring lock" is not very creative because it is only a concrete expression of the meaning of the enterprise name; And the logo with the same "trap" element, Audi Motors feels creative because it represents a company in one circle, and the superposition of the four circles means that four companies are united. Therefore, we feel that logos that do not directly express "information" will be more creative. And another case, Dior and FedEx, the latter is more creative because the two cases, which are also letter logos, have added a negative arrow representing speed and flow in FedEx (I have met many people and did not notice this feature), which is a very creative idea that this potential element can "hide" so naturally. The third group of cases is my personal logo. Do you also feel that the logo of the ball is not creative?

Let's talk about this issue from another perspective. Is it true that there is no creativity in the seemingly non creative front portraits of the Three Rings, Dior, and Happy Old Man? As I mentioned in this paragraph, if we collectively refer to the thinking process of the brain in the design process as the creative process, then these three seemingly non creative logos are actually creative. Sanhuan, the company name is Sanhuan. Can we use the word "Sanhuan" as a design element? Can three ellipses be used? Is three circles okay? Which of the three original '' products are arranged in a triangular shape or horizontally? If the horizontal arrangement is to leave space between each other or overlap together, how much space is appropriate? If it is stacked together, how much area is stacked? What is the thickness of the circle, and so on, are all your creative processes

So this series of articles does not only focus on logos with highly integrated elements, that is, they not only focus on creative results, but also introduce some creative forms of logos.

Summary: Alright, after I briefly explained my understanding of creativity, now we need to get to the main topic. I didn't differentiate the order of articles based on creative difficulty, but mainly based on my recent work content. Coincidentally, I have created several logos that integrate text and graphics. That's all for this issue!

二、Logo integrating text and graphics

The integration of text and graphics in logo design is a difficult type and looks more creative. The reason why it is difficult is because there is a completely different representation between graphics and text. And we cannot combine any graphics and text, basically using the core elements of the enterprise. The combination method cannot be simple superposition, such as the logos of BYD and Kia, which are all circled with three letters inside. And the logo graphics that we are talking about today must be meaningful graphics, not simple geometric graphics. This graphics is meant to tell consumers a message, not a geometric decoration. Next, let's take a look at what the image text fusion looks like and how to design a logo that integrates text and graphics.

The logo of BYD and Kia just now is a simple element superposition, which means that two or more elements are relatively complete, but they simply find a more attractive positional relationship. The investment in the logo of BYD and Kia in the above picture and the red sandalwood investment in the lower picture (Figure 1) are also just a Ding character, and the relationship between the elements is relatively rough and direct. The other five cases are more creative, and this creative point is reflected in the integration, because I did not use the method of "graphics plus text" or "text plus graphics", but instead combined the graphics and text into one. That is to say, you look like an element, but in fact, this Yuan Qin is composed of another element. The other five cases are divided into "beauty", "shield", "ornamental column", "hand holding love", and "bowl of noodles". Can you see another meaning behind these five logo prominent elements?

  1. Text and graphics must be integrated

Just now, I mentioned a word called "prominent" element, which means that we want to create several meanings for a logo, but it should have a prominent meaning that is very easy to recognize. This prominent meaning can be either graphic or textual, just like the six logos above. The prominent element in the first line is text, while the prominent text in the second line is graphic. What exactly is the meaning behind the prominent elements? We will introduce it in the following text, let's see if you guessed it correctly.

    2.Why design a logo by integrating text and graphics

Because the name of a company (institution or product) is the most distinctive element between the customer entity and the same industry, and must also be exclusive, which is the core element of enterprise identification. Therefore, selecting key words (keywords in Chinese or English names) from the enterprise name as logo design elements can maximize the unique recognition of the logo. The same or similar elements are often used in the same industry, By using keywords in the company name as design elements, we can avoid having overly similar logos, which is also beneficial for improving the chances of successful logo registration

The above three logos are for the water treatment industry, the children's massage industry, and the noodle shop. Among these three industries, water droplets, hands, noodles, and noodle bowls are commonly used elements, and I considered this issue when I didn't plan. I incorporated the keywords in the company name into them, which are "easy" and "1086" respectively, so my design has significant differences

3.What are the fusion methods for text and graphic elements

This question is too large, we will stay in the next issue for further interpretation, but there will be a lot of dry goods in the video of the expansion exercise below. I hope you can enjoy watching it!

   三、Expansion exercises

In the previous issue, a cool friend said that he wants to watch more expansion exercises. I think this is also the voice of many friends, so I will satisfy everyone

     The following cases are all real business cases, and I am not afraid of anyone imitating them because the truly unique features are difficult to imitate. However, I hope that through the interpretation of my video, everyone will have a more comprehensive understanding of my intentions and will use the methods I introduced in future work.

Case 1: Silipu

This logo may seem simple, but the creative process is still quite complex. You can learn how I think about each step through the video!

 1: Extract and analyze each word of the brand name separately

2 Visualize Elements

3 Continue to search for elements and select the elements you want to combine

 4 List graphic and textual elements separately, which is also convenient for observation

  1. Starting from this step, consider which element to use as a prominent element
  2. The combination of the sun and s, although not stunning, is also a method
  3. Starting from this step, we are considering using thinking to create elements. As you can see during the painting process, it can be said that there are many difficulties

    8, the last presentation in this video is a bit interesting, I found the feeling

    1. The element fusion is basically completed, and the next step is to continue refining

      10.Slightly sculpt the design

      11 Interpretation of Meaning 

      12.Continue to refine in hand drawn software

      13 Hand drawn standard characters

      14.Continue to refine standard words

      1. Optimization of English standard characters
      2. Dynamic Interpretation of Final Design

        Case 2: Fulu Cooking

        1. This step extracts the key elements in the company name


          02, this is a very impressive name

          1. What elements should be combined
          2. Which of the three combination methods would you choose
          3. The combination of elements is not a difficult task
          4. Choose the most difficult way to look. I made a few strokes, it's really a bit too difficult

            7 Hahaha, but can't give up

            1. Let's go do the impossible for fun
            2. Sketch first with graphics as the main focus

              10.Refine the attributes of characters on top of the graph

              11.Further adjust the proportion

              12.The hazy sky has a hint of sunshine, and every creation is a challenge to oneself

              1. Refine part by part, but pay attention to the connection between different parts
              2. Deer antlers and buttocks are relatively difficult to handle
              3. Deer legs are also difficult, but there is always a way
              4. Further refine the previous step as a base image
              5. The correction of this curve is a feature of hand drawn software, is it very smooth
              6. Another iteration completed
              7. The logic of some line details needs to be handled more realistically
              8. It is important to correct the lines of the white gaps after coloring
              9. Fill in the colors before refining the lines
              10. Once again, the design has been revised to make it smoother overall, and the deer's design is also lighter and more elegant
              11. Hand drawn the last time to refine the lines
              12. Everyone, pay attention to the smoothness and fullness of the white lines
              13. I really like the final correction and font design overall. Do you like it
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