The significance of geometric arrangement in logo design

The significance of geometric arrangement in logo design

         The meaning of the words' arrangement 'is very interesting.' arrangement 'refers to horizontal order, and' column 'refers to vertical order. We said A row of teeth, because the teeth are horizontal, we say a column, because the column is arranged vertically, "row" and "column" these twoCombining words together means' horizontal and vertical arrangement '. If you add a geometry in front, it means that you want to arrange it logically, When was the concept of arrangement discovered by us humans? How do we use the concept of arrangement to transform the world .What about it? Please listen to me slowly.

  1. Arranging is the way nature tells stories   

There are geometric shapes in nature, such as the round sun, Earth, hexagonal honeycomb, and so on, and the arrangement is also one

 There are natural laws in nature that have logical arrangements, and people also rearrange natural elements through subjective logic    

  Create more logically arranged works:

  The leaves, veins, torpedoes, Corn kernel, planets in the solar system and              honeycombs in the figure below all have their own arrangement order



         The phenomena we see with the naked eye, such as the Big Dipper, Leo, and other star maps,  may seem irregular, but they are endowed with concrete representations by us

          After the meaning becomes very vivid, it is easy to distinguish and remember. This arrangement not only has visual features, but also has some geometric features spot. One is that the relationship between certain stars in the constellation still has a logical error, as shown in the triangle and trapezoid in the figure below of the northern outer star

          And the Pentagon of Leo, these constellations are named because people discovered their geometric logical arrangement.



In Chinese characters, the numbers one, two, three, and in Ro

man characters, I, II, and III are represented by arranging a certain number of straight lines to represent the number of numbers

The quantity is just that Chinese characters 1, 2 and 3 are arranged vertically with horizontal lines, while Roman numerals are arranged horizontally with solid lines. Human beings are using the Great White Nature

The arrangement pattern of an element is repeated horizontally and vertically, which is more convenient for human memory.


I personally am not good at these casual games, but you can o

bserve the arrangement of points in them, such as mahjong and poker sources

From different countries and periods, the arrangement of point elements is very similar.

We have found the most logical arrangement method for this number. 


In ancient warfare formations, we can also observe the formation of soldiers, which is very neat and orderly

The Eight Trigrams pattern in Taoism has played the three horizontal lines to the extreme, fully reflecting the rigorous design thinking of the Chinese people and finding the three lines

Isn't the most classic l0go design thinking that combines line splitting and logical arrangement methods with concrete meanings     


In daily life, you can see the skeleton of the lantern and the spokes of the wheels, both centered and arranged in a circular shape outward

Has stability. It can be seen how intelligent we humans are


Whether the bridge openings under the arch bridge or the circular patterns on traditional Chinese clothing, the logic of geometric arrangement has been found

        2.The Application of Geometric Arrangement in Design

        A classic logo design does not necessarily have to be complex in shape, perhaps the simplest circle or square can become

       Design elements, while concise geometric shapes | ogo are not easily recognized and registered due to their unclear features, thus the concept of arrangement is used. By copying Free element and arranging Free element logically, the logo features can be increased,

        Construct an orderly and aesthetically pleasing enterprise (institution) identification symbol through geometric arrangement. Let's take a look at the so-called geometric arrangement 。What are the methods for listing.


          2-1 Geometric linear arrangement


    The so-called geometric linear arrangement refers to the arrangement of several identical geometric elements in a straight line (horizontally or vertically). may also

            Arranging the same elements in different sizes. Linear arrangement can also be represented by s-shaped, fan-shaped, and angled diagonal lines. In the arrangement, if there are changes in the size of elements, pay attention to the rhythm and logic of the changes. Rhythm is subjective, while logic is objective, which means using objective laws to capture the subjective beauty of rhythm. The cases in the following figure are all created by copying different numbers of shapes and arranging them horizontally and vertically, creating a rigorous and unique aesthetic sense with a sense of logical order in geometric arrangement.


  Horizontal arrangement of identical elements



Vertical arrangement of identical elements



Changes in the size of elements in vertical and horizontal arrangement


Single linear arrangement from large to small or from small to large



Changes in the size of elements in vertical and horizontal arrangement 

Symmetrical arrangement from small to large and then to small



2-2 Geometric vertical and horizontal arrangement

 Geometric vertical mode arrangement, as the name suggests, is a combination of vertical and horizontal applications. It has a vertical arrangement relationship as well as a horizontal arrangement relationship, and constructs a geometric appearance through the combination of horizontal and solid lines. Let's take a look at our case. 

A Method for Arranging Triangle Geometry Vertically and Horizontally with Three Same Elements

A method for arranging four identical elements in square geometry horizontally and vertically 

A Method for Arranging Five Solid Elements in a Fan, Trapezoidal, and Diamond Geometry


More geometric vertical and horizontal arrangement methods for the same number of elements

 3-3 geometric circular arrangement

 Geometric circular arrangement is the process of arranging elements according to the trajectory of a circular arrangement. Of course, this circle may be an ellipse, a spiral curve, or a semicircle.

 Circular edge line circular geometric arrangement

 This type of arrangement follows the circular perimeter boundary as the trajectory, and equidistant different numbers of identical or similar elements according to the

trajectory of sound circles or ellipses, with gradient distance next to each other, and cross arrangement.

The center point radiates outward in a circular geometric arrangement

 A circular geometric arrangement method that radiates elements of a certain length outward to the perimeter line, using the center of the circle as a point.


This row can also be bordered by a semicircle 

Spiral trajectory circular geometric arrangement

The geometric arrangement method of arranging elements in a spiral line from the inner image to the outer image, using the center of a circle as a point.

Wrapped and stacked circular geometric arrangement

A circular geometric arrangement method that wraps and overlaps bar elements around the center of a circle, with the center of the circle as the point

二、 How to design a logo using geometric arrangement logic

 I just talked about so many cases of natural and designed permutations. Now, let's specifically explain how to use permutations as a geometric logic to design logos 

1. Using geometric arrangement method to represent a concrete image without elements

 Using geometric arrangement method to represent a concrete element: Observing a concrete element without elements and possessing geometric arrangement features, further simplifying it, and displaying its shape through geometric arrangement. 


    2.Using basic geometric shapes to create a highly geometric abstraction through geometric arrangement logo

 Complete a 1ogO design by geometrically arranging basic geometric shapes such as circles, angles, squares, and diamonds. For example, HSBC uses the feature that triangles and their bottoms are equal to each other for geometric arrangement to create a perfect combination of logos. Audi's logo uses circles with equal true diameters to design a classic 1ogo by overlapping each other; Mitsubishi Motors uses the feature of withered shape to create a triangle by splicing three withered shapes. These are classic cases designed using the most basic geometric shapes and basic geometric arrangements. 

    3.Using geometric shapes and geometric relationships to arrange and design letters

The logo is extremely simple by Abstraction English alphabet into lines or points, and then arranging these points in a certain geometric logic. Has strong graphic recognition and letter recognition.


   4.Using geometric arrangement relationships to express the core values or culture of an enterprise (institution)

The meaning of numbers themselves is very abstract. But some teaching characters have a deep connection with the culture of enterprises or institutions, which can create very vivid | logos. For example, the symbol of the Olympic Games uses five rings of different colors to represent the five continents, and then geometrically arranges the five rings and adds a superposition relationship to represent the union of the five continents. The following cases all use geometric arrangement to reflect a certain corporate culture  

 The five rings of the Olympic Games symbol are interlocked to represent the union of the five continents

The Audi logo, with its "four rings" derived from the early establishment of four companies, is then overlaid with four rings, symbolizing the merger and development of the four companies.


The 50 small stars on the flag of the United States of America represent the 50 states of the United States, while the 13 stripes represent the 13 colonies of the earliest founding of the United States. We can see that the 13 tone pattern and 50 small stars have a horizontal or vertical geometric arrangement of value lines



The flag of the European Union has twelve stars on a blue background, representing the twelve crowns of the Virgin Mary and also representing the twelve countries of the founding period. Arrange the 12 stars equidistant along a circular trajectory, reflecting the alliance of multiple countries.

The five-star red maple star represents the CPC, and the four Ying stars represent the national bourgeoisie, a peasant intellectual. The four small stars arch to the right of the star, and aim at the arrangement of the positive half of the country, the relationship between the society and the society, and the equal distance arrangement, symbolizing the great unity of the revolutionary people and the support of the people for the Party under the leadership of the Chinese Infrastructure Party

   5.Cutting an enterprise element through geometric arrangement using multiple geometric lines

Arrange multiple geometric lines (which can be straight lines or curves) evenly through horizontal or vertical straight lines, and use the formula to evenly arrange and cut an enterprise without elements (enterprise letter elements in the following case, enterprise geometry)

Expansion exercises

The following logo optimization processes are all aimed at improving students' works. You can observe how I used the above methods to redesign.

The most common way to combine letters into a 1og0 is not because you come up with this combination, but because you can fuse the letters well.

The 'Y'+'D' above is obviously a bit stiff, with most of the 'y' leading out. When standard characters are horizontally arranged, it can cause some alignment issues. However, in the GIF animation below, I made changes to the elements and instead of using 'y', I used '1'. I think numbers are more recognizable. So, how to use geometric arrangement methods to find the element relationships? There is a demonstration in the animation, and I hope it will be helpful to you!


The blue 1ogo in the above image also uses the letter "Y", but the two "Y" are symmetrically arranged, which looks like an "H". The LOGO has nothing to do with agriculture. The method of circular geometric arrangement in the following figure is used to combine the antecedents again, and the final effect not only reflects the "Y" element, but also has a very vivid appearance of Viridiplantae, which is very consistent with the agriculture industry.

                 Summary of this chapter 

There are actually many methods of arrangement, such as symmetry and mirroring, so I won't list them all 

  Although the logo style is unique and bizarre

But geometric elements and geometric relationships are still the core elements and relationships

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